Is Norman's illness serious, doctor?

It's really not that heavy.

Do you have a hobby, Thad?

I am very tall.

We know you didn't kill him.

The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration.

That guy took the best for himself.

If you don't come to me, I'll come to you.

Who is that young woman?

Monica hated school.

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Do you think I don't understand what your plan consists in?

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Pierre couldn't talk very well.

I want to make them happy.

I've got mosquito bites and they really itch. Do you have any medicine for it?

He was very impatient to see his daughter.

Helen shaves every morning as soon as he gets out of the shower.

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What else have you got?

Would you say I was annoying?

I'll talk the matter over with my father.


Sooner or later, I'll probably get tired of doing this.

The streets emptied in the night.

Sergeant refused to do so.

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I have one brother and two sisters.

He is very sensitive.

We decided to branch out into selling some foodstuffs.

You'd better take it.

I'm sorry, but we're out of stock.


I just want the truth.


Many bats live in this cave.

Fuck, I can't sleep because those damn owls are screeching so loudly.

He clings to his customs.

I believe that the preacher could not speak "Amen."

Their house is organized according to Feng Shui.

Hand in the three sheets of paper together.

Bogdan said he would be there tomorrow.


I want to spend my free time wisely.

I'm as curious as you are.

For all his wealth, he lives a simple life.

Don't ask Jin any questions about his wife.

Since when?


"May I use this telephone?" "Go ahead."

When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice.

I don't need to see them now.

"It was boring," Steve added.

He put a pack of cigarettes on the table.

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Way to go, Graham!

An explosion tore through a block of flats burying a number of people under rubble.

Is snoring less likely if you sleep on your side?

That's no way to speak to your parents.

I'm going to call it a day.

Please, let me explain.

Guido told me he was planning to move to Boston.

The new minister took over the job on Monday.

Would you sing us a song in French?

You can't find a pet like that anywhere.

My uncle gave me a friendly piece of advice.


In a morning stroll, I was able to take excellent photos.

Brodie is a horse trainer.

The soccer game attracted a large crowd.

Clare met Nhan at a party, and it was love at first sight.

Tell me what else I need to do.

He was the only one drunk at the party.

They sounded the alarm when they saw the enemy approaching.

In such a case, you can always ask a question in return.

She began to sing.

She always buys nothing but the best of everything.

You want to go to the ocean.

I'd like to be a part of your group.

Are you really the one who did that?

I enjoyed every minute of the party.

The employees need to cooperate to lower expenses.

He did not have any qualm of conscience.

The car is bad.


The TV won't turn on.


Nguyen saw a vase of flowers on the table near the window.


The river flows between the two countries.

The party continued on in Dan's house.

Thirteen homes were destroyed.

Marci did everything he could to stop Joshua from doing that.

English is a required class.

We're flattered.

No one lives in that building.

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The point is we need help.

Japanese gardens usually have ponds.

Time waits and time forgets.

Don't bother me now.

It wouldn't harm a fly.

Do you recognize this?

I hang out with Spass quite often.


The U.N. has condemned the Somalia suicide bombing that took the lives of at least 33 people on Tuesday, including six members of Parliament

I'll speak to Granville.

Poverty prevented him from continuing his studies.

They look exhausted.

I like to perform magic tricks for kids, but they sometimes fall flat.

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There are over twenty thousand known species of edible plants in the world.

Gabriel frowned.

Jeanette continued eating.

I told him what the problem was.

I thought Dylan was a doctor.

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At one time Nigeria was a British colony.

We express our thoughts by means of language.

You must not sit up late.

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We have just received a new model.

Ning just died.

Will you come and see me?

King has already memorized the poem his teacher told him to memorize.

I do a lot of stuff that my mother doesn't know I do.

You should make the most of your ability.

She left school two years ago.

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I can't let Cory keep doing that.

They battled and battled, not thinking about the danger.

The boy did not reach his father's stature of six feet.

A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.

The truth is I'm a man in a man's body.

I'm proud of my son.

I stretched out my legs.

These stories are as old as anything that men have invented. They were narrated by naked savage women to naked savage children. They have been inherited by our earliest civilised ancestors, who really believed that beasts and trees and stones can talk if they choose, and behave kindly or unkindly. The stories are full of the oldest ideas of ages when science did not exist, and magic took the place of science.

It's going to take some time to win back trust.

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I know some of Claudia's friends.

There are 2,000 students in the school.

Gregor's not so good at math.

Let me carry your suitcase.

I'm the CEO.

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Do you want to get back together with Piet?

I'll make you a model plane.

You're talking nonsense.

Eddy's hesitating.

You'll be safe if I'm with you.


The doctor advised Kyung to have at least three alcohol-free days per week.

It's really bad.

Is there anything we should be looking for?

"Thanks for your help." "No problem."

We had many exciting experiences in the college.

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You can get a nice view from here when the weather is good.

Doing that would be a very bad idea.

He knows how to drive a car.


She runs a franchise of a popular restaurant chain.

William is a good boss.

Patricia introduced Lorien to his family.

Let's get out of this rain.

Why can't you just knock on the door like any other normal person?


Will you do it?

I get the feeling you don't really want me to stay.

I wonder if you would mind lending me your car for a couple of days.

This book is easy to read, since it's written in simple English.

I've married the wrong person.

Isn't that a little strange?

There was a fire in this city last night.

Funny Kittens International is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of cat videos.

I have to help Win and Brandi move a piano.


We all anticipate seeing you next weekend.

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Tollefsen has no neighbors.

I want to thank you for what you did for Oliver.

He isn't here now.


Tickets will be allotted in order of application.

The deer was running by itself.

I can't ignore what's happened.

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She has been a photographer all weekend.

We agree.

We don't want to do anything without thinking about the consequences.


It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine.

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I'm really looking forward to this.

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You'd better be right about this.

Tell Liber to take a hike.

My French still isn't very good.

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This is going perfectly.